Welcome to the SRC Source Lab.

Led by Taejune Park the SRC (Secure and Reliable Computing) laboratory at Chonnam National University focuses on network and system security. In particular, we are currently focusing on research challenges including, but not limited to: (1) cloud computing security (e.g., SDN/NFV), (2) high-performance security system, and (3) reliable 'low-latency' communication. Also, we are going to study on innovative AI-based security systems as well :)

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Sooyeon Kim won the grand prize at the 2022 AI system development competition hosted by COSS (2022년 인공지능 시스템개발 경진대회, 인공지능혁신공유대학사업단)! Congratulation!
Hyunyoung Lee joined our lab! Welcome!
Our paper, entitled "Extended SDN Data Plane Architecture for In-Network Security Services", has been accepted to Computers & Security (COMSEC, IF 5.105, JCR, JCR 25%).
Our paper, entitled "Heimdallr: Fingerprinting SD-WAN Control-Plane Architecture via Encrypted Control Traffic", has been accepted to the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference 2022 (ACSAC'22, CS top conference).
Our paper, entitled "Reconfigurable Regular Expression Matching Architecture for Real-time Pattern Update and Payload Inspection Journal of Network and Computer Applications", has been accepted to Journal of Networking and Computer Applications (JNCA, IF 7.574, JCR 8%).